To  reashu  "Cherishing d u lot poky."  From kalpu  To  USHA  "Hum tere bin ab reh nahi sakte Tere bina kya wajood mera Meri Usha"  From NARESH  To  rahul  "And I will always love youuuuuu"  From pooja  To  Mayuri  ""I Love U Jaan......" Maji Sonya"  From Avi  To  Mayuri  ""I Love U Jaan......" Maji Sonya"  From Avi  To  pinki  "i love you pinki"  From vinay  To  kajal  "Hello Dear Friend How Are You.***"  From kishan  To  ISHANT  "i love you. polpme"  From harsha  To  Itz  "Fralnky I think that's absolutely good stuff."  From Itz  To  anu  "i miss u jaan"  From kunal  To  Soni  "I Love You & Good Night"  From Rahul  To  suman  "hi suman,aap ki bahut yaad aa rahi hai, i love u!"  From dinesh  To  Anamika  "Kse ho frd"  From Sanish  To  PRAMOD  "PLZ KOE BHI LDKI CALL KR SKTI HE "  From PRIYA  To  rahul  "hi sweta i miss u & i love u"  From sweta  To  gauri  "i love you gauri very very much"  From lalit  To  satya  "i want good frd 9090625439"  From satya  To  anamika  "I miss you"  From sanish  To  Pooja  "i love u pooja i miss so much"  From Raju  To  sanish  "I Love jaan"  From anamika  To  mridul  "i love u jaaaaaan"  From nita  To  gooodlove  "i love you gooodlove"  From karan  To  shashi55  "SHASHI I LOVE YOU"  From Upendra55  To  shashi55  "SHASHI I LOVE YOU"  From Upendra55  To  aayushi  "hi meri jaan i love you"  From parmod  To  amit  "Girls I WANT TO DO FRIENDSHIP WITH YOU.THANKS"  From amit  To  Raj  "Hi xyz xyz xyz"  From Priya  To  Tanmay  "hello tanmay"  From Tanmay  To  TUNU  "HOW ARU"  From MUNU  To  MONA  "HIIIIII"  From DUKHU  To  Roshni  "I love U meri jaan"  From Rahul  To  vicky  "I love you jaan kabhi bhulana mat mujhe please"  From savita  To  Sonia  "Hiiii Sonia...How Are You..?"  From Ajay  To  neha  "hi pooja"  From karan  To  divya  "hi divya"  From imcoolkaran  To  sushmita  "hi how are you"  From imcoolkaran  To  BOBBY  "HELLO DOST."  From RAKESH  To  Annu  ""I love You Jaan" Sirf tumhara Naresh"  From Naresh  To  payal  "mai hoon naa!!"  From payal  To  Annu  "ANNU Meri jaan "m tumhare bina nahi rah sakta" I LOVE YOU ANNU"  From Naresh  To  akansha  "happy friendship day"  From monu  To  Naresh  "I Love You "ANNU" meri jaanu"  From Annu  To  Pamela  "hello, my dear he r u?"  From DaulatRamMeena  To  LAXMIYADAV  "janu plz gussa choro,kabhi to galti mana karo.LOVE U JAAN"  From KAUSHAL  To  puja  "luv u jan"  From dhiraj  To  harsha  "i love you 4"  From ishu  To  Khushbu  "I luv u my sweetheart,, i really miss u,,, where r u??? Plz call me.!"  From Shahid  To  rahul  "hi friendship me any one"  From sumit  To  ishant  "plz call jana muskann"  From muskan  To  Pamela  "Muze Pyar Karnewali Kab milogi ? ? ?"  From Vivek 

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All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances. And one man in his time plays many parts,  As You Like It... ( William Shakespeare)

It is between this entrance and exit that you need to attain that bliss. Feel all the emotions and that special feeling called love.

We are here for every Adam and every Eve and to make sure they dont end up having the forbidden apple!


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