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Dating Tips

 Cyrus Broacha's  Dating Tips
  • Never aim high, but keep in mind the philosophy of one of society's most trusted invention , the urinal. Now where would we be if the urinal was three feet high. When it comes to dating keep expectations low.
  • Always date a girl who has hair. Having a girlfriend with a bald patch can be an eye soar. I mean by all means aimlow. But really how low can you go baba?
  • Keep your girlfriend away from your best friend. People who say that their loves are indeed their best friends are just socially backward. A tribe which is still to get protected status from the Government.
  • Initially while dating keep a fringe. If your bored your fringe should cover your expression. In fact take an extra fringe along in case she's bored.
  • Looks don't matter especially in the night. But if she's too loud or he's too soft you've got a problem.
  • On the first date keep four diverse topics ready such as ,
    a)Jim Corbett on Tigers.
    b)Sanjeet Kapoor on papads
    c)Jane fonda on divorce and workouts
    d)Father Baretto on the problem with intestines!.
  • Discuss sports from the beginning. She must know now that you prefer Brian Lara to Lara Dutta and Saurav Ganguly to Moila Ganguly
  • Only date the same girl twicwe in an emergency. Girls however should never repeat their dates as men have no layers. There is nothing more to learn about him.
  • If your dating using a website, always enhance your photo. After all life is a fantasy. Though fantasy is a chocolate, and a chocolate is an aphrodisiac, which brings us back to why you want to date in the first place.
  • And finally never ever follow anybody else's advice on .....er....dating. ...scuze me!
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