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 Cyrus Broacha

You know him as The Ultimate Prankster. Deranged? Yes. Wacked out? Yes. Off his big head? Totally! He is the viral pun-a-minute, motor mouth who invades your sane consciousness and busts your brain with his nonsense.

Cyrus during his college, St Xaviers Malhar festival, Cyrus was playing emcee for the hordes that throng the place. He already made his acting debut at 14 in a desi version of Neil Simons BRIGHTON MEMOIRS. He is got a theory on why he got the role though, It was because everyone else auditioning was over 20!

After he graduated, Cyrus went to the Lee Strassburg Acting Studio in New York where he studied acting for theatre. No point in trying to list the number of commercials, television serials and plays hes been in. For this guy who also scripted, co-scripted and directed his share of plays, it certainly looks like iska number aa gaya. Hes also been a very popular Radio DJ mixing up his great taste in music with his classic brand of humour.

He is a Leo and you can tell. He has got an easy charm, a dynamic personality, a distractingly funny sense of humour and an ego which you never really see. He also loves his music and he can shake rattle n roll to the sounds of Elvis Presley, The Beatles and Queen.

If you ever meet Cyrus you will know why he does not really need a script. You can get a small glimpse of the wacked mind of a man who has got the funniest take on the real world, giving you a rip-roaring good time. When he is done frying juntas grey cells, Cyrus takes to the streets in disguise and gets the goat of unsuspecting victims who enter the hall of fame as MTV Bakras.

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