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Dating Tips

 Aryan Vaid
  • Try to plan out something different to spend the evening, rather than just going out for dinner or coffee.
  • Do make it into a very long date like 5-6 hrs, maximum spend 2 hours on your first date with that person.
  • It is a very bad idea to take your date out on a movie, on your first date, cause you never know if the other person will ike the movie or not.
  • Make your date feel comfortable with you, and make sure that you'll are both having a nice time, and its not just you having a nice time.
  • There can be too much stress when sitting and talking across the table, a better place to go could be a Mall or go Bowling.
  • Be Confident and don't try to make a big impression.
  • The guy should also be immensely funny and have a good sense of humor. Flirt in a funny way.
  • Always Remember, a date is a date, and it is not necessary it will lead to other things. Go with the idea of having a nice time and nothing else.
  • Don't overdress, wear smart casuals, be charming.
  • Smell good, have good hygiene, brush your teeth, cut your nails & DON'T dig your nose.
  • Dont be late, try to be 5 minutes before schedule.
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